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Hi all, For several years now, has served as an online community for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer -- a place to share i…

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SF Walkers: LA to SF Carpool?

Hello: I'm driving up to SF from San Fernando Valley Friday morning.  Anyone interested in carpooling please contact me at pennyprn@gmail.c…

Started by Penny Perrin

0 Jul 9

Santa Barbara - training in Riverside, CA

Hey walkers! My sister and I are walking in Santa Barbara Sept. 2014. Training in Riverside, CA. Any walkers in this area want to train wit…

Started by Julie k

2 Jul 9
Reply by Julie k

Changes to

Hi all, For several years now, has served as an online community for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer -- a place to share i…

Started by eloise caggiano

1 Jul 7
Reply by eloise caggiano

Turn those walk tshirts to blankets

I have signed up for Chicago walk 2015 and to raise funds will turn those walk, sport or other tshirts into a personal blanket.  How about…

Started by Diane Gldiewell

0 Jun 25

Chicago Solo Strutters

Hi All,  My name is Annie and I'm headed to Chicago this weekend from Maryland.  I'll be on my own and was looking for some friends to chat…

Started by Annie Charlier

0 May 29


I have two teammates who are short on donations for the Chicago walk.  Anyone out there have extra money they want to give to their walks s…

Started by Diane Gldiewell

0 May 23

General advice for the NYC Walk

This will be my 4th Avon Walk, 3 previous years doing Rocky Mountain Walk before Avon pulled it out of Colorado.  I am just looking for gen…

Started by Michelle White

5 May 21
Reply by Carol Osterhaus

Looking for NYC Walkers - Join our team

Hi all, My walk team consists of 9 members.  We are looking for another member to join us so that we can become a platinum team!  Our membe…

Started by Erika Karp

1 May 21
Reply by Carol Osterhaus

Participant page

Does anyone know whats wrong with the Avon Walk participant page.  I can log in, but the page doesn't load.  Its been like this for about a…

Started by Carol Hawes

0 May 19

Thank you Boston!!

What an amazing weekend in Boston!  Wooohooo!  Even with the downpour Saturday morning, Avon walkers didn't miss a step.  A huge thank you…

Started by Jennie Gates

0 May 18

My Boston Peeps

Hello to all of my Boston Peeps on this snowy day.  I am (attempting) to put together something for Boston Wellness and need your help.  Is…

Started by April Kingston

29 May 16
Reply by Marie Oberempt


We're expecting rain for Boston this weekend. As a kid I remember going out to play in the snow and my dad would put baggies on our feet be…

Started by Marie Oberempt

4 May 16
Reply by Marie Oberempt

DC Tenting Questions for Veteran Walkers

This is my first walk. I"m excited. I chose to tent. In the mist of all the activites I forgot all about asking questions about where do i…

Started by Tashina Velis

1 May 16
Reply by Tana

Any Long Island Walkers interested in Training in Massapequa or Eisenhower Park?

Please let me know. This will be my 8th walk but I find myself without any training partners. Thanks!

Started by Diane Neustadt

0 May 13

47 hours, 15 minutes till we start Hoofing DC

47 hours, 15 minutes till we start Hoofing DC, but who is counting ? Looks like Mother Nature is going to leave this mess behind and give u…

Started by MooCowGuy

7 May 7
Reply by MooCowGuy

Need some advice from the veteran walkers!

Hi Guys, I just wanted to see what everyone's recommendations were as far as the best socks to wear.  I know everyone's feet are different,…

Started by Valerie

14 May 7
Reply by Diane Neustadt

DC 2014. Please post any links for any photos / pixs/ pictures here for eveyone to find!!

Here is one:

Started by Sheila Crider

0 May 7

Boston- place to stay Friday

This is my 4th walk and I'm back to Boston where I did my first walk 5 years ago. Unfortunately poor planning on my part and I didn't book…

Started by Rebecca Ballinger

2 May 6
Reply by Patty Kohler

Any Long Island Walkers out there?

Hello to all -  this will be my 8th walk (yikes) and once again I find myself without training partners.  I have been in this position befo…

Started by Diane Neustadt

1 May 6
Reply by Patty Kohler

Antelope Valley Training Partner(s)

I live in Palmdale and am walking (first time) in the Santa Barbara walk, I am looking for others in the area to train with....

Started by Barbara lane

0 May 5

Santa Barbara Walkers who live in the desert of California

Hi, I live in Palm Desert and am looking for some walkers to train with?  Let me know if you want some company, I like to walk early in the…

Started by Kay Peterson

0 May 5


Hi all!!!! Sooo this is my first time walking. I'm out of shape and very slow. I had big training plans but this winter has been BRUTAL in…

Started by Stephanie

7 May 1
Reply by Beth M Austin

Event Eve in Santa Barbara

Our team of 8 is coming from San Francisco to walk Santa Barbara.  Have been looking into hotels and *shocked* at how expensive they are, e…

Started by Jennifer Stern

2 May 1
Reply by Jennifer Stern


Hey all ... I know I've asked this before, probably last year, and don't remember the answer so apologies in advance ... Does anyone know w…

Started by Lisa Winston Wilentz

2 Apr 30
Reply by Denise Herrera

Who will be selling at DC EVENT EVE?????

I know so many folks have such creative items at event eve.. I just want to get an idea what will be available..

Started by susan Ann Kinlng Kohn

0 Apr 30

Where are the DC Cheering Station locations?

I checked the latest website and I can't seem to locate the Cheering Station locations. I have family and friends who can't participate in…

Started by Debbie Larabay

4 Apr 28
Reply by walkdc7times

Boston or Washington, D.C.?

Should I walk in Boston or Washington, D.C.? I have spent some time in Washington, but I have never been to Boston. Does the Boston Walk co…

Started by Beccie Price

16 Apr 28
Reply by Tina Pukini

Houston Walk, 2014

Does anyone know how to contact the woman selling the wonderful baseball hats at the Event Eve? I realized, after the event of course, that…

Started by Tina Pukini

0 Apr 28


I have a Question I am a mother of a 6 month old, I work full time commute an hour to it. I know I am not the only one out there that has…

Started by Jazmin Gabrie

5 Apr 28
Reply by Jazmin Gabrie

I have a room in host hotel DC 2014 and need a roomie to split cost.

Let me know asap! I am there for both nights. Or you can email me at threelamonts at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

Started by Sheila Crider

0 Apr 27

route for dc

I m confused about the route for the first day.  If walking the full marathon that day where is lunch taking place?

Started by angela brangman

17 Apr 25
Reply by MooCowGuy

DC 2014 Event Eve Roommate

Looking for a roommate (or three) to share the cost of a room for DC's event eve (May 2, 2014). Reply or add as friend to message for more…

Started by Chyla Graham

8 Apr 25
Reply by Sheila Crider

Pennies from Heaven - Washington DC - 2014 - the tradition continues...

DC Walkers and Crew... Per the 2013 DC Walk (and all DC walks since 2008), I will once again be putting out 1000 of Monica Cooper's Pennies…

Started by Mohawkman

10 Apr 23
Reply by Lisa Winston Wilentz

Why can't the Contact Us link be fixed ??? !!!

I am having a problem on my donations page. There is a broken link at the bottom of the Progress Page for the 'Contact Us'. I have reported…

Started by Robert Ameeti

1 Apr 23
Reply by Mohawkman

$55 short for Boston Walk

Hi fellow walkers my friend Theresa (her 1st walk) is $55 short of goal to be able to capitalize on the early check in.  We are both travel…

Started by Alison Doherty

2 Apr 21
Reply by Alison Doherty



Started by Louise Neuts

12 Apr 21
Reply by Nancy J Davis

creating a team from two individuals

Hello, I would like to join forces with my friend to become a team for the NY event. We are both registered as individuals at this point. W…

Started by Nicole Dunton

1 Apr 20
Reply by Jill Jones

I'm almost there! Only have $145 left to raise....

Hello everyone, I'm very excited as this is my 1st walk, I've trained, I've fund-raised and bought all the GEAR I could possibly need!  I'm…

Started by Nadia Thompson Garrett

5 Apr 16
Reply by Nadia Thompson Garrett

Hey DC Walkers - I need advice on finding good stores for shoes

Last year I took the advice of a friend who's a runner and bought shoes at a specialty running shoe store in Rockville.  They were fine unt…

Started by Carol Scott

8 Apr 14
Reply by Jennie Gates


Go Houston! Have a wonderful time. Enjoy the journey. Celebrate your accomplishments and commitment. I can barely wait three more weeks for…

Started by walkdc7times

0 Apr 11

So excited!!!

Hey all!! I'm just so excited about the Boston walk this year!!!  It will be my second year walking and I'm already planning for next year.…

Started by Jennie Gates

0 Apr 11

Roommate in Chicago

Hello Everyone, I'm from San Jose, Ca and will be walking in Chicago this year. I'm looking for a roommate to split cost of the room. If i…

Started by Carola

0 Apr 9

DC 2014 Roomate to split costs two nights?

Hi, I am looking to see if anyone that may be interested in splitting a double bed room at host hotel for the DC 2014 walk? Needs to agree…

Started by Sheila Crider

9 Apr 8
Reply by Flora Lawson Murphy

Running Shoes

Has anyone every managed to do the walk by just taking one pair of running shoes?  My funds are tight and I really don't want to be spendin…

Started by Estelle Candelet

6 Apr 7
Reply by Estelle Candelet

Origami Owl Funraiser

Hello ALL I am selling Origami Owl and willing to donate 10% or $50 (which ever is more) to your account just by having a Origami Owl part…

Started by Danyel Augustyn

0 Mar 30

Downtown Chicago training on Saturdays?

I'm thinking of taking the train Ito Chicago, which comes into the millennium Metra station. Is anyone doing training downtown Chicago on S…

Started by Kerri Saikin

0 Mar 26

2nd time DC Walker - Looking for a team to join!

I walked for the first time in 2012 and had a great time. Walked with a friend, but she's not up to it this year. I live in Arlington, VA a…

Started by Jenn Organsky

5 Mar 21
Reply by Tashina Velis


HELP!!  I have 5 days until our bake sale fundraiser and trying to create a banner to run across the front of the table.  Any ideas on what…

Started by Melissa Netherton

3 Mar 21
Reply by Melissa Netherton


First time walker here for the Boston 2 day this May. My teammate and I are wondering, at the Wellness Village, will there be a place for u…

Started by Kimberly Cassano

1 Mar 20
Reply by April Kingston

I just registered!

Hi everyone!  I just registered with my sister to do the walk in Chicago in May.  We did the walk back when it was still a 3-day.  I'm pret…

Started by pam mallo

3 Mar 19
Reply by Martha "Martita" Allen